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Access 5G in USA with these smartphones

With the 5G technology finally rolling out, to access in the United States, Verizon customers will have to be utilizing another smartphone.

On Thursday, the markets welcomed the $1,000 LG V50 ThinQ 5G which comes as the second smartphone that is offered by Verizon to have access to 5G services.

On the other hand, earlier in May, tech giant Samsung had also introduced its Galaxy S10 5G smartphone on the Verizon which costs $1,300.

Moreover, wireless carriers such as Sprint (S) also plan on rolling out 5G smartphones later this year; while other carriers such as AT&T started offering the ultrafast service to its executive customers with the Samsung S10 5G earlier this week.

Motorola moto z3 is also under Verizon’s banner costing $240.

Furthermore, it is expected that Verizon’s 5G network will be accessible in over 30 countries in the United States which includes Boston, San Diego, Washington DC, Atlanta and Dallas, while presently parts of Chicago and Minneapolis are the only ones to have it

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