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Hardik Pandya not man enough to fight Brock Lesnar: Paul Heyman

Courtesy of Bollywood megastar Ranveer Singh, India’s all-round Hardik Pandya has ruffled the feathers of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) advocate Paul Heyman resulting in an ongoing cold war between the trio.

In an interview with IANS, the WWE agent and the manager for wrestling star Brock Lesnar stated that the Indian right-handed batsman is not ‘man enough’ to fight Lesnar.

“Let’s be real about this. Cricket is a very popular sport but it’s barely a man’s sport, it is an activity. Brock Lesnar is the former National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) champion and the baddest dude on the planet. So I don’t see Hardik Pandya being man enough to step into the ring with him,” he said.

Moreover, speaking of the B-Town star who started the debacle, Heyman said: “Singh is obviously someone who walks around dreaming of being Paul Heyman while Hardik Pandya wants to be Brock Lesnar. Otherwise why would he authorise that tweet to be released. It’s not like he didn’t pose for the picture.”

The entire fiasco had erupted after India routed Pakistan in a high-octane World Cup clash last week, with Ranveer turning to Twitter to laud his team’s star player Pandya for his performance with his take on Lesnar’s catch phrase

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