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5 reasons why Keanu Reeves is the ‘nicest man in Hollywood’

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves has swiftly become the internet’s latest obsession for all the right reasons as he gets lauded widely for being ‘the nicest man’ in the industry.

While the Matrix star remained off the radar for a while, his fame skyrocketed after the release of John Wick in 2014 and this year bringing him back to the top with a triple dose of not just ‘John Wick 3’ but ‘Toy Story 4’ and Netflix original ‘Always Be My Maybe’.

However, his star performances and skills aren’t the only reason why the actor has become center of immense love and appreciation.

Here are five reason why Reeves always wins the internet:

1- Humble and honest; Keeping the celebrity status at bay:

In numerous incidents narrated by fans on social media, the actor is often found living his life like an ordinary person, never using his celebrity status to take advantage of situations. As per a Daily Mail report, the actor was found waiting in the rain outside a wrap party for his film as the bouncer did not recognize him. Instead of reminding him of who he was, Reeves spent 20 minutes in the rain, waiting for his friends to arrive to take him in.

2- Helping strangers

According to a Reddit user, the actor had also once helped a girl on the side of a highway outside LA when her car had broken down. The actor had pulled over and tried to jump start her car, had called for someone to help her and had also later driven her home.

Moreover, he is said to have also given up his seat at a crowded NYC subway to a fellow passenger while at another instance, he invited someone to sit at his table at a coffee shop when there were no tables empty.

3- Philanthropy without drawing attention

Reeves went through a rough patch when her sister Kim Reeves, suffered with leukemia for more than a decade and to honor her, the actor set up a charity in her honor without attaching his name to it.

4- Respectful towards women

Recently the actor was hailed widely as pictures made rounds of him posing with female fans while keeping his hands in midair or in his pockets to respect their personal space.

5- Spent a day with a homeless man

As per some media reports, the actor had once spent a day with a homeless man whom he stumbled upon while walking the streets of Los Angeles; after which he shared drinks and snacks with him while listening to the man’s stories

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