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Malaika Arora opens up about her age difference with beau Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood stars Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been all over the news after they started opening up about their relationship publicly and the latter has finally revealed her feelings about the age difference between the two.

The much contemplated question about the couple’s views on having a considerable age difference between them has finally been answered as the 45-year-old ‘Dil Se’ actor stepped forward opening up about her relationship.

Speaking at a recent interview, the actor said about the age gap that is often brought up by social media users: “The age difference doesn’t really pop up when you are in a relationship. It is about two minds and hearts connecting. Unfortunately, we live in a society that refuses to progress with time. An older man romancing a younger girl is hailed everywhere, but when the woman is older, she’s called ‘desperate’ and a ‘buddhi’.”

The actor opened up further about her relationship saying: “It feels amazing! When my marriage ended, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in another relationship and was scared of being heartbroken. But I also wanted to be in love, nurture a relationship, and this new me gave me the confidence to put myself out there and take a chance. I am so glad I did!

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