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Napa’s summer theatre festival will kick off with a thriller

After delivering some hard-hitting performances, most recently in the Suno Chanda sequel, Iqra Aziz has become one of Pakistan’s most sought out actors.

The actor’s personal and professional choices have caused stirs in many coffee cups, garnering love appreciation but also some hate and harsh criticism.

Yesterday, the 21-year-old very courageously, opened up about her struggles on the internet particularly about cyberbullying and non-constructive criticism from her audience.

Iqra very responsibly used her massive outreach to further the conversation about bullying, an issue everyone struggles with at some point in their life. A public figure tearing their walls down and opting to talk about something this sensitive may encourage others to open the dialogue too

Iqra’s post highlights the importance of the small, everyday mundane actions that have a much more lasting impact on one’s mental health than it may appear:

“It takes a few words to humiliate someone to the core. It take a few words to bring a smile on someone’s face”.

At the end of the day, its the little things that go a long way.

“These are the most used apps, this is social media, it has so much POWER of it’s own and that means you have the power to make someone’s day or make them forcefully admit by bullying them that it wouldn’t make a difference if they weren’t around. 300 million people around the world have depression, according to World Health Organisation – March 21’ 2019. Why make them feel bad when we have the power to make them feel good?” she concluded.

Kudos to Iqra for shining a light on the less talked about toxic side of social media. We hope our audiences are more weary of their engagements in the near future.

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