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Selena Gomez getting rid of remnants from her past with Justin Bieber

While Selena Gomez may have officially moved on from her abusive past relationship with Justin Bieber, some parts from the past were still existing in her present.

However, not anymore, as the singer seems to be gradually letting go off anything even remotely related to her ex-flame.

The latest intel on the Look at Her Now singer shows her getting rid of the bikes that she and Bieber had once used together during the brief period of their reunion.

Selena and Justin had quite a few eyes on them when they had taken to the streets with those bikes while they were together, which is why it is nearly impossible for her fans to let go off that memory.

She was spotted on Saturday morning loading up the remnants from her past with Bieber on to a truck. The aqua and black beach cruiser bicycles appeared to be the same ones that she and Justin had earlier been using.

This comes after she recently opened up about the toxic relationship she had with the Sorry singer as she told NPR that while it was “very difficult” she is “happy it’s over.”

“Now here I am stepping into a whole other chapter,” she had stated.

She also openly admitted to having been abused during the relationship as she said: “I do feel I was a victim to certain abuse [during the relationship].”

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