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Monica and Joey instead of Ross and Rachel? 5 ‘Friends’ secrets that will leave you startled

Perhaps one of the most adored sitcoms in all of television history, Friends first aired in September 1994 and still continues to be at the top even years later.

Fans of the iconic series can’t seem to get enough of the show as it brings a wave of emotions and nostalgia every time they watch it. And while fans may boast of their knowledge about the sitcom, there are some things that were went unnoticed by the world.

Here are five secrets about the show not many know about:

1. ‘Insomnia Café’, not ‘Friends’

The Marta Kauffman-created series was not always supposed to go with the title that the world recognizes it with today. The name of the show had to go through a process of several changes in the title. The most initial title chosen before Friends was Insomnia Café. Other titles that were taken into considerations were Friends Like Us and Six of One.

2. The fountain was not in NYC

The fountain displayed in the opening credits of the show was not shot in New York City, as many may have thought. The Friends fountain is situated at the Warner Bothers ranch in Burbank, California.

3. Monica and Joey instead of Rachel and Ross?

The pairing of the cast was also supposed to slightly different as Joey and Monica were originally planned to be a couple. If the plot had proceeded on the same lines, then Joey and Monica would have been the center couple of the show instead of Ross and Rachel.

4. Mystery behind the Central Perk couch

Fans have always wondered how the characters of the show always managed to grab a seat on the same orange couch at Central Perk, while the rest of the customers took other spots. It has now been unveiled by some eagle-eyed fans who noticed that a ‘reserve’ sign had been placed on the table in a few of the scenes during the course of the show

5. Monica changed apartments

Hawkeyed viewers noticed another minor thing as well which you may have over looked. In the initial episodes, Monica lived in apartment number five but later on, the number on her front door read 20 which makes us believe that Chandler and Joey’s apartments too were changed from across the hall.

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