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‘Sad’ Keanu Reeves spotted giving a history lesson in Ukrainian text book

The internet’s latest obsession in undoubtedly Keanu Reeves who has terms like ‘immortal’ clinging on to him owing to his ageless charm and appeal.

The 55-year-old Matrix actor has always managed to leave his fans in awe with his ever-green youth which became a topic of discourse on the internet once again after he was spotted in a Ukrainian history book that was said to have dated back to 1932.

Social media users were quick to poke fun at the gaffe made by the text book’s publishers for the photo showing Keanu eating a sandwich atop a skyscraper with some construction workers.

The whole scene was brought to light by a Twitter user who therein, sparked the ‘Sad Keanu’ meme with the caption: “In the Ukrainian textbook on world history accidentally stuck a photo with Keanu Reeves haha.”


аааааааааа в украинский учебник по всемирной истории случайно засунули фотожабу с киану ривзом ахахахахахахахх

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However, the endless trolling soon caught the eye of the book’s author Ihor Shchupak, who took to his Facebook to clear the air.

He put up a post saying the meme ended up in the book by mistake but the illustrator decided to keep it that way thinking it would add to the interest of students and enhance their attentiveness.

“When the designer who worked with me on the book’s illustrations showed me that photo with Keanu Reeves, I didn’t notice that small detail at first. But when I understood the meme, I decided to keep it,” he said.

Hana Novosad, the Ukrainian Minister of Education also came forth with a statement, criticizing the education system of the country: “Sadly, I have not seen a single textbook without errors, where the copyright is respected, and the approach to information is logical and helps to learn better.”

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