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Police investigate fatal shooting of man in Dallas’ Casa Linda area

Dallas police are investigating a fatal shooting of a man in the Casa Linda neighborhood early Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place shortly after noon in the 11700 block of Rupley Lane, near Jupiter and Garland roads, where responding officers found the unidentified man dead of an apparent gunshot wound.

A witness told police that he was called by a female acquaintance who asked to borrow money. After the witness agreed, the female came to his home with a man holding a gasoline can, whom she identified as her Uber driver.

The witness, who police have also not identified, allowed the two into his home, and the man with the gasoline can asked for a cup of water.

When the witness returned with the water, he said, he was maced by the man with the gasoline can and a struggle ensued.

The witness told police that the man tried to produce a handgun. Instead, the witness said he overpowered and disarmed the man, took the handgun and shot him multiple times.

The female then fled the scene. It was not known what became of the gasoline can or why the man was carrying one.

The witness was released pending further investigation.

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