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1 dead after shooting in apparent argument at Greenway-area pawn shop

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A man was shot and killed by a pawn shop employee Saturday afternoon in the Greenway Plaza area.

The shooting followed what was described as an “altercation” between people who entered the store on Richmond Avenue near Cummins and several employees at the business.

The staff inside said it was a robbery, and believe it was the same two robbers who hit the store in December.

According to the staff, two men walked in with guns. One of them jumped over the counter and pointed a gun towards an employee’s back.

That’s when a store clerk fired his gun, killing one suspect.

The same clerk used a shotgun to shoot out the back window of the truck that the second suspect was in. That suspect then backed the truck into the store, shattering the front window.

The truck sped off, only to be found abandoned about a mile away. The license plates had been removed.

Surveillance video will be reviewed by police to determine the chain of events. A portion of the parking lot remained a crime scene into the evening.

“When you see yellow tape up, you know something bad happened,” said one woman who had to walk around the cordoned-off area to go to dinner.

Houston Police


HPD homicide investigators are en route to a fatal shooting at 3800 Richmond where a male is deceased. Preliminary information is a suspect drove into the business. Further information will be provided at the scene.

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