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After the nomination of the new PPP officials USA, by the PPP overseas committee split its US wing into two fractions.

After the nomination of the new PPP officials USA, by the PPP overseas committee split its US wing into two fractions.

By: special corespondent

NewYork: New Office holders of Pakistan People’s Party were announced recently on the recommendations of the party’s overseas committee, which split its US wing  into two factions.

  Senior Party stalwarts have called this a devastating blow to the party structure in the US. Apparently, most of these new appointments are based on personal liking and nepotism of the overseas committee.

  They newly installed US President has held no party office in the last 20 to 30 years. Some of these office holders and state party chairs were selected during the committee’s visit to the US a few months ago.

The visitors received special treatments from these individuals, which resulted in their appointments and notifications to various positions in the party.

  New appointments of relatively unknown people in New York, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, Alabama, California, Florida, and Georgia were based only on personal likings and not on service to the party. Individuals appointed to these positions are new and have no record of services to the party.

  Eighty percent of the old leadership in New York was uneseated while new faces were introduced in other states as well. The US President has further appointed advisors on human rights, youth, women and on social media wings.

  He has also appointed four advisors, including one for political affairs, two chief organizers and a coordinator to run his office. These offices were created for his friends and supporters. Upon protest from a senior PPP official, they created a new position of patron and his wife was appointed as chair of the women wing.

  The new office bearers claim that this reshuffle was on Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s wishes, although they have shown no evidence to support their claim.

  Instead of guessing the chairman’s wishes, we would like to point out that the reshuffle has disheartened senior party workers in the US. They have noted with concern that those who were not with the party during the last thirty years were given senior positions on personal likings and ties.

  They also noted that senior party workers and office bearers who served with Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and President Asif Ali Zardari were ignored in this reshuffle.

  Some of these senior members have stayed engaged with the members of the US House and Senate, highlighting the party’s interests and its struggle for democracy in Pakistan.

  They are worried that this reorganization will not be helpful to PPP and will only promote personal interests of some individuals. They also point out that some of these individuals — particularly in New York and Texas — have no leadership skills and lack personal integrity.

Flyers copy of protest from a senior PPP official, (After this PPP USA created a new position of patron and his wife was appointed as chair of the women wing.)

The tainted reputation of new leadership in Pakistani community and lack of their communication and leadership skills will harm the Party. The person appointed for leading Texas for example has a bad reputation and can not even put together a sentence in English. One more striking feature of this distribution of leadership credentials is missing role of women in state leaderships. A Party which Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed used to encourage women to come into leadership roles has not a single woman in leadership role in any state. This is not just short sightedness of the overseas committee but also lack of understanding of Party’s mission

  They also lack communication skills and cannot speak English properly. PPP will be ill served by these new office holders. As a senior member of the party’s Washington chapter, Sajjad Baloch, said: “This is a mistake that will hurt the party’s image and its interests.”

  (Senior member of the party’s Washington chapter, Sajjad Baloch With PPP leadership )
He emphasized the need to bring individuals with “a solid reputation who inspire others and create good examples for the Pakistani diaspora.”

  Mr. Baloch also warned against this negative approach of attributing “negative and unpopular decisions to the party’s Chairman.”

  “It is highly likely that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto does not even know of all these changes, although this is happening in his name.”

The Jago Times contacted ex senior officials from different state they propose creation of a think tank consistent of senior members. This think tank can also guide new members and train them for leadership. They said that there is a need to train new entrants on Party ideology and policies. They said that we’re disappointed with selected leadership where most of them are not from the cadre of the party and carry no history of activism


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