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Light rain tapers off Sunday, cold air moving in

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Some lingering sprinkles and showers will continue across parts of SE Texas Sunday morning, but big changes are on the way.
Rain will taper off late AM and we’ll see dry weather through the afternoon. Clouds are more likely to linger farther east, while in Houston and areas farther west we should see some afternoon sun breaking through the clouds.

Temps are starting off in the mid 50s this morning, and will only gradually warm in to the low to mid 60s this afternoon. Winds will also be increasing in the afternoon, making those 50s and 60s feel quite a bit cooler. Those more northerly winds will be ushering in cooler air throughout today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Monday will be sunny but breezy and chilly with highs only the in the 50s. You’ll want to make sure you provide warm shelter for your pets and protect any cold sensitive plants before you go to bed Monday night. We expect our first widespread frost and freeze of the season Tuesday morning. Because this will be a light freeze, your pipes should be okay.

Our next chance of rain will come Wednesday and Thursday as jet stream winds push another upper-level storm and cold front this way.

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