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Funds transfer to provinces has surged by 100pc: Miftah

Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Miftah Ismail has said that transfer of funds to provinces has increased by 100 per cent. Talking to the media here on Monday, the adviser said that tax target of Rs 4,000 billion would be achieved. He claimed that inflation, which was up to 11 percent during the tenure of the Pakistan People’s Party …

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Decoding of hair colour genes could aid cancer research

Scientists on Monday said they have uncovered more than 100 new genes linked to hair colour, a discovery which could advance knowledge on skin cancer and other diseases. The findings, published in Nature Genetics, could also help forensic scientists use DNA samples to identify the natural hair colour of unidentified criminals. In the largest ever genetic study on pigmentation, which …

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Smart bracelet will call for help if you’re attacked

(Web Desk) – Researchers are working on a device that looks like jewelry, but it could save your life. The “Smart Bracelet” can pick up if a person is struggling or being attacked and will alert family or police if they need help. The device monitors wearers vital signs and can pick up on changes that would signal being under …

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World’s first electric road is now open in Sweden

(Web Desk) – The world’s first electric road is now open in Sweden. The road stretches for 1.2 miles between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport and charges vehicles as they move. The small piece of road, which reportedly cost more than $1 million per kilometer to build, runs via a system of underground rails that transfer electricity to cars. A movable …

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In race for 5G, China leads South Korea, US: study

WASHINGTON (AFP) – China is slightly ahead of South Korea and the United States in the race to develop fifth generation wireless networks, or 5G, a US study showed Monday. The study released by the CTIA, a US-based industry association of wireless carriers, suggested that the United States is lagging in the effort to deploy the superfast wireless systems that …

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