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Britney Spears gets Ted Cruz to apologize after Mexico debacle in ‘SNL’ spoof

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his Mexico fiasco were hilariously featured in Saturday Night Live‘s latest episode.

Britney Spears’s character, portrayed by Chloe Fineman in the SNL sketch, demanded apology from Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz after the US politician received immense backlash for vacationing in Cancun, Mexico while his people back home suffered greatly following historic ice and snow storms.

Taking a dig at his justification for the mid-crisis Mexico jaunt about him needing to chaperone his daughters during the trip, Spears told Cruz: “As someone who was blamed for other people’s problems from a young age, maybe leave your daughters out of it because it could really mess with their heads.”

Fineman’s Spears also roasted Justin Timberlake who recently issued a written apology to the singer after he was called out in New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears.

“I started this show Oops You Did It Again so people could apologize for things they did wrong, because after the #FreeBritney documentary came out, I’m receiving hundreds of apologies a day,” Fineman’s Spears tells the audience.

“Speaking of which, I’d like to give a shout out to our sponsor, the Notes app. Are you looking to post a lame apology 20 years late? Go through the motions with the Notes app,” she added.

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