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7 light-hearted memes on Sunny Deol’s presence in Pakistan

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol crossed the border into Pakistan on Saturday via the Kartarpur Corridor, generating a lot of buzz on social media.

On Saturday, Pakistan opened the four kilometer-long Kartarpur Corridor which houses the largest Gurdwara in the world. Thousands of Indian pilgrims will be able to enter Pakistan to visit the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib.

Among the prominent personalities who visited Kartarpur was also Deol. He was seen sitting beside Punjab Law Minister Usman Buzdar and a few feet away from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

People took to Twitter to comment on Deol’s visit to Pakistan.

1. One user pointed out how Prime Minister Imran openly spoke about Kashmir

One Pakistani Twitter user was quick to point out how Prime Minister Imran had spoken openly about the plight of the people of occupied Kashmir with Deol sitting right there in the audience.

Fozia Zafar@FoziaZafar3

Sunny Deol remembering all his dialogues. 😅
Meanwhile IK talking about Kashmir 😂

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2. The ‘Border’ comparison…

Another Twitter user remembered Deol’s fiery character from the ‘Border’ movie and compared with his calm disposition when he sat during the inauguration ceremony of the corridor, in Pakistan. 


Sunny Deol in Indian Movies…!!
Sunny Deol in Pakistan…!!

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3. People were also quick to notice how the corridor had brought together people from the two countries

Deol, known for essaying characters in anti-Pakistan movies, seems quite humbled and passive in this picture. Netizens were quick to notice all the good that the corridor had generated. 

Ghazal Rehan.🦞@GhazalRehan1

Today Sunny Deol has changed his negative thoughts and hate against Pakistan 🤔😍 Deol

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4. Was he really counting, though?

Another user posted a hilarious meme on Twitter, suggesting that the Bollywood star was counting the number of anti-Pakistan movies he had starred in. 

Zain R.@inzaine_

Sunny deol counting the number of movies he did against Pakistan…

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5. Re-wording the ‘Mai Nikla Gaddi Le Ke’ song

Honestly, this was quite hilarious.

6. Hilarious. Again.

This guy wondered whether Deol had indeed crossed the border or was he only dreaming. That look on his face does suggest he’s trying to come to grips with something…

Shariq Zahid@MshariqZ

Sunny Deol trying to figure out Whether this is a Movie scene or He Actually Visited Pakistan in Reality.

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7. ‘Tareekh Pe Tareekh’…

Come on. Sunny Deol trends on the internet and you think no one would use the ‘Tareekh Pe Tareekh’ dialogue in a meme?


Happiest person on earth right now is sunny deol kyunki tarikk agayi hai!

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