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Pakistan LNG tenders for five cargoes

SINGAPORE: Pakistan LNG is seeking five liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes for delivery over March to April, a tender document showed on Thursday.

The cargoes are for delivery over March 3 to 4, March 17 to 18, April 2 to 3, April 13 to 14 and April 26 to 27.

Offers are due by Jan 30 and the tender is expected to be awarded in February, according to the document.

Commodity traders Trafigura and Gunvor International made the lowest bids in Pakistan LNG’s last tender to buy three cargoes for delivery over late January and February.

Wheat tender: Meanwhile, the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (Passco) has issued a tender to sell and export 100,000 tonnes of wheat under a government programme agreed in November, European traders said on Thursday.

The tender closes on Jan 11, they said.

The government on Nov 20 approved the export of up to 500,000 tonnes of subsidised wheat to reduce large local supplies.

Pakistan’s export programme is being watched closely by grain traders as large additional volumes of wheat can be rapidly placed on world markets.

“I anticipate that Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Indonesia will be among potential markets for the import of Pakistani wheat,” one trader commented.

In early 2018, Pakistan also approved the export of wheat to reduce large local supplies which resulted in a series of large sales by export companies to Asian and Middle Eastern importers.

The Passco tender offers wheat in bags described as “fair to average” quality, traders said. Buyers of the wheat must remove the volume bought within 30 days of an agreement being signed, they said.

The wheat is for export by sea ports only.

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