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Herschelle Gibbs accused of ‘trolling’ Pakistan for match fixing

Former South African cricketer  Herschelle Gibbs was accused of “trolling” Pakistan cricket team for match fixing.

It started when   Gibbs   playfully responded to a   follower who had asked  “How much dollars is it worth trying to determine a catch?

“Maybe ask mickey and the Pakistan team,” he responded with a winking  face emoticon.

 Australian journalist Dennis Freedman called out  Herschelle Gibbs and wrote   “Convicted match fixer trolls Pakistan for match fixing”.

Realizing that he has been misunderstood, Gibbs explained that  he  was talking about   the impact of technology that could effect outcome of match results .

The former opener of the South African team  also dismissed the claim that he was  a convicted  match fixer .

“im saying is that the @ICC should invest in technology for the questionable catches because even when the camera is zoomed in,it’s still not 100% clear leading to some much indecision from umpires and viewers.Think of how many catches across all formats will still be questioned,” Gibbs explained further

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