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Mukesh Ambani and his five most expensive assets

One of India’s most talked about personalities, business tycoon Mukesh Ambani has time and again made headlines for the grandeur manifest in his deluxe lifestyle.

With a network amounting to a total of $43.2 billion, the Reliance Industries chairman surpassed Alibaba founder Jack Ma and took the title of Asia’s richest. But what happen to be the five most expensive assets owned by the magnate?

1- Antillia

The Ambani residence towering to a total of 27-storeys was built at an estimated cost of $2 billion and is titled the second most affluent housing property next to Buckingham Palace. Housing over 600 workers for maintenance, the residence also includes a spa, a salon, a ballroom, private theater, snow room, three swimming pools as well as a dance studio with six floors reserved for parking.

2- Airbus 319 Jet:

The aircraft under the Ambani possession can transport over 25 passengers and is furnished with amenities like an expansive entertainment cabin, sky bar, state of the art cockpit, as well as an elaborate dining area. The price of aircraft is said to be over $100 million. Other than this corporate jet, the tycoon is also in possession of two additional private jets that are the Boeing business Jet 2 and Falcon 900EX.

3- Armoured BMW 760i:

The armoured vehicle owned by the mogul has a base that has been said to be priced at an estimate of $300,000 with the armoured edition amounting to $1.4 million. Reports have also suggested that the Ambani vehicle stands today as the priciest car owned by any Indian with it also have the most expensive car registration in Mumbai.

4- Yatch:

The 58-meter-long and 38 meters wide yatch owned by Ambani is stated to have a price of over a million dollars with a retracting solar glass roof. The house on water is also reported to have amenities like piano bar, lounge, dining area, reading room, personal suites for guests.

5- Maybach 62:

This vehicle was gifted by Ambani to his wife Nita on her birthday and is boasted to have a top speed of 250 km/h and a capacity to range from 0-100 in merely 5.4 seconds. The car is priced for over a million dollars and has also been customized as per the likings of the Ambanis’

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