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Manikarnika actor Mishti calls out Kangana for lying about shooting 70 percent of the film

Following the fiasco that has been set loose after the release of Bollywood’s latest Manikarnika, Indian actor Mishti has stepped forward giving her views about the battle between co-directors Krish and Kangana Ranaut.

The actor who played Kashi Bai in the film, stepped forward voicing out her support for Krish stating that the project was hijacked by Kangana while the entire crew knew that 70 percent of the film was shot by Krish.

“He was supposed to speak up only one or two weeks after the film’s release. The truth, which I know and I believe 90 per cent people know, is that the director completed the film. I was there till the end in the movie, so I know who shot how much,” she stated.

“The whole film was completed and then he told Kangana and producers that he needed to shoot a film in South, which was NTR biopic. Krish said that after he is done with the shooting, he would come back for patchwork. He wanted to come back and complete the patchwork, but till then it was decided here that the film would be presented in a different way and which character would do what. He wasn’t welcomed back. He wanted to come back, but he wasn’t welcome on sets,” she further added in conversation with the media.

She went on to voice out her complaints saying: “Many people are saying if a film is on Manikarnika, it will be about her only, not about Kashi Bai or Tatya Tope. It will definitely not be about them. But at least you deserve to know what is your role in the film. No one can lie to you about it. In the beginning, you are told that you are doing this much and in the end, you realise you are not doing anything. To top that, someone tricks you into giving them extra dates so that they can cut the previously shot scenes. That’s very wrong.”

Earlier during the promotions of the film, Kangana had revealed that she had no option but to take on the role as director as Krish had exited amidst the project.

Responding to this Krish had alleged that the Queen actor had lied about shooting 70 percent of the film.

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