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All things flawed about Shaan Shahid’s stance on actors and depression

It was only last week that famed Pakistani actor-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider opened about suffering from depression in a post that had triggered his peers from the industry to lend support.

As a result, many celebrities including Fia Khan and Ali Gul Pir shared their own experiences of tackling with mental ailments while urging Mohsin Abbas Haider to seek professional help.

Now, veteran Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has come forth expressing his two cents on the matter. However, the actor’s convoluted stance seems to be a bit off, not referring to Haider particularly but rather the industry as a whole and its vulnerability to give birth to mental health issues.

Titled as “Walking the thin line,” Shaan’s note on depression speaks of the many hassles the actor encounters due to the internalisation of a character’s sentiments when portraying them on screen.

“For an actor/artist depression is a tool to achieve the state or the emotion to capture the essence of an expression. For example Van Gogh’s pain can be seen on canvas… or for an actor who is living in a different character, for his eyes to look sad the artist has to feed depression to his mind so he /she can achieve the right expression.”

Shaan’s post rather looks like it talks about inattentive method acting, where an actor, tries to emote the feelings of a character, without much awareness about his own mental state.

However, this is not it.

Shaan then goes on to add in his post that depression is an ‘addiction’ and a ‘choice’:

“Unfortunately, actors and artists tend to cross the line and get addicted to, it the depression the pain. To stay with another character in your body is like fighting addiction. But there is a way out of this black hole.”

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