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Waseem Badami promises a very ‘decent’ Ramazan transmission

Ramazan’s here which means Waseem Badami is back with Shan-e-Pakistan!

Talking about the annual Ramazan transmission he hosts, he shared “It’s a marathon transmission that will run every day, where we’ll start the Sehri session as early as 1:30 in the morning and it will be continue until after Fajr and for Iftar, we’ll be on air from 2:30 pm onwards.”

Elaborating on the show’s legacy, he said, “Shan-e-Ramazan is nearly a decade old now, I myself have been hosting it for seven years, Junaid [Jamshed] bhai and Amjad [Sabri] bhai were also there so people know the show. We try to keep the show decent, we want to give people spiritual and religious knowledge and also a good time, what you call infotainment basically.”

“There’s lots of different elements to it, we have tilawatand naats followed by a cooking segment for women. Then there’s some discussions with ulemas and a naiki segment, where we help people. We also try to make it really interactive for the kids.”

We had to ask how hectic it gets shooting back to back for a whole month.

Badami shares he’s got little to complain about: “It’s been an unforgettable experience. Every year, right before Ramazan starts, my family just rukhsats me and I pack my bags and just go live on set. It’s a spiritual journey but also a real journey. We’re always on the go. There’s always people around, I get to learn a lot. It’s also tiring and sometimes I’m sleep deprived so I’m nervous I might end up saying something incorrect but overall, it’s a very exciting and fulfilling experience. These 30 days are so memorable, your think about them for the rest of the year.”

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