Dickerson commended the police response, as well.

“Our Katy ISD Police Department has received an overwhelming amount of support via their Facebook page for being swift to gather pertinent information and make a quick arrest overnight,” she said. “However, since this incident is still an active investigation, disseminating certain information to our community is still limited, in order to not jeopardize the integrity of this investigation.”

The schools “will have extra officers on patrol, not just on campus but in our residential areas, to ensure students and families feel safe before, during and after school,” Dickerson said.

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It is still unclear what the relationship was between the suspect and the student in the photos.

Katy ISD has spent millions on upgrading security systems and safety improvements throughout the district.

From retrofitting security cameras to installing security fencing to integrating police record management software so that it is compatible with Harris County and other agencies.

Last month, district officials asked the board of trustees to allocate $7 million from the 2017 school bond fund to provide more protection for students and staff.

Earlier this year, the district finished its fencing and gates project, which was estimated at $721,406 and was part of the bond voters approved in 2017. The project included adding six-foot security fencing around elementary schools identified by the district.

The 2017 bond included more than $16 million in security improvements, many of which will be finalized later this year and next.

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