“Some of the best moments we had in the middle of construction was when we could take Lucasfilm partners around and let them have their emotional reactions to what we were building,” Makela continues. “Some of them would come to tears when they saw some things and that was like, ‘Okay, we’re doing this right.'”

Now that Black Spire Outpost is complete and finally open, visitors may run into any of its inhabitants here, including major characters like Rey and Kylo Ren, stormtroopers, Oga’s Cantina bartenders, Resistance spies like Vi Moradi, or any number of locals meandering about the marketplace. The latter cast members invent their own character every day, and may select different outfit pieces for themselves before entering Batuu.

“We wanted our cast to feel unique because they’re inhabitants of Black Spire Outpost,” Cory Rouse, creative director for Walt Disney Imagineering tells SFGate. “We went through great lengths to be sure they could create their own persona, because what they do is different (than in other lands). We want them to be able to express themselves through their clothes.”

True to form, Disney spares no details when it comes to character creation and literal world-building. There are no “Star Wars” or “Disney” logos anywhere. Droid tracks — including some belonging to the original 1977 “A New Hope” R2-D2 — are stamped into the pavement. And dozens of songs were composed specifically for Batuu.

As cast members and visitors move throughout the land, music changes for each environment, and sounds of overhead ships, droids, and lurking, unseen creatures surround you — even when you hit the restroom.

“There’s a dianoga that moves around in the pipes so you might hear him at one place or maybe in the bathroom,” Tom Myers, audio designer for Skywalker Sound tells SFGate. “Keep an ear out for that.”

And there’s yet another layer to getting involved: the Play Disney Parks app. Through the app, visitors can interact with nearby droids, translate Aurebesh script, eavesdrop on conversations between the locals, and scan cargo boxes for virtual items to add to their app toolkit. An in-app game that plays out several times daily, called “Outpost Control,” allows players to hack into surveillance panels installed by the First Order on behalf of the Resistance or the First Order. Whichever team hacks more panels wins.

All that might get you a props from Rey or Kylo Ren. Should the Force be with you, you’re bound to cross paths