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Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain tell haters to live and let live in latest Instagram post

One of Pakistan’s hottest duos of Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are known to find themselves tangled in controversies a little too frequently, attracting a magnitude of haters below their social media posts as well.

In a humorous attempt to request the nitpickers to live and let live, Yasir Hussain with his alleged girlfriend Iqra Aziz unveiled a hilarious TikTok video with a little message to their critics as well.

The love birds on their ongoing romantic getaway can be seen aboard a ferry ride lip-syncing to a song from a Bollywood classic hit ‘Hum Nahi Rahi Pyar Ke.’

Along with the video of the two, Yasir wrote: “Yeh movie “hum hain rahi pyaar k “ mai be atleast 20 bar dekhi hogi [I have watched this movie at least 20 times] . And I love this song so we made this tiktok. Enjoy !!”

“Aur hate comments karna band karo yaar enjoy karo . Jal Jal k skin kyon kharaab karni . Geo aur geeny Do . [And please stop sending hate comments. Live and let live. Why do you want to ruin your skin by getting jealous continusly?],” he added.

Giving a final warning to his ‘haters’ he stated: “Warna mera assistant block kar dega phir kesy dekho gy aur kahan comment karo gy ؟؟؟ Khush rahen aur Khush rehny den [Otherwise my assistant will block you. How will you see and comment then? Stay happy and let people be happy.]

The two love birds are currently keeping their followers in the loop on their romantic getaway and while the exact location has been kept under wraps by them, a subtle hint was thrown by Iqra when she captioned one of her vacation photos ‘Swadika’ which is a Thai greeting.

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