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ABC13 anchor Chauncy Glover tests positive for coronavirus

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone in some way, even us at ABC13.

On Thursday, March 26, ABC13 anchor Chauncy Glover posted a message to viewers on Facebook telling them he tested positive for COVID-19.


“For days I anchored the news telling viewers about coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. I talked about new cases and gave viewers detailed info on how to stay safe. Last week I had to take my own advice after waking up in the middle of the night in a horrible sweat. I had a tightening in my chest, was hot with a temp of 101 and had horrible body aches. I called my doctor. I did a virtual visit with a specialist. That doctor referred me to get tested for COVID-19. I self quarantined as I awaited my results. Today, a week later, I got the call saying I tested positive for the coronavirus. I’m now home recovering and resting. Thankfully, I’m feeling better, though the beginning was very rough. God was with me. He always is. Please take this seriously friends, stay home, take care of yourselves and if you’re showing symptoms-CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!”

Chauncy said he wants to tell his story, and keep everyone posted on his progress and experience with the virus.

He also added that he wanted to let ABC13 viewers know that he’s doing well, and anxious to return to work.

So many viewers are leaving well wishes for him and adding him to prayer lists.

Erika Killmonger@BUsweetheart

Omg I was wondering why you weren’t on the news these last few days…praying for a full recovery!

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So sorry to hear you got sick with Covid-19. I wondered why you weren’t on the 3pm news broadcast! Glad you’re recovering. Take care.

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I’m so sorry to hear that 😢 and I’m so glad you are doing much better now then a week ago 🙏 I’ll be praying for you and yours 🙏 and I really appreciate you sharing your story and for us not to take life for granted !! God bless you always 🙏

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