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After Momina Musteshan’s outburst, Ahad Raza Mir addresses Shireen Mazari with poise

After social media went berserk with Shireen Mazari and Momina Mustehsan’s Twitter spat on Monday over Coke Studio’s rendition of ‘Ko Ko Korina’, Ahad Raza Mir has also decided to finally address the issue.

The Yakeen Ka Safar actor after making his singing debut on Coke Studio with the iconic song, became target of immense criticism. However while Mir’s duet partner had responded to the online out-pour defensively and sensitively, he took to Twitter talking about the issue in a more poised tone.

“So there has been a lot of talk about a certain song. So let’s do just that. Talk about it,” he stated.

He went on to add: “I am honoured that I got to cover Ko Ko Korina. Some people enjoyed it and some not to so much, which is fair. Look at how we love to appreciate and criticise. It shows our nation is alive. Even after hearing the song. Pun intended.”

“Coke studio is here because of them. Don’t forget about all the amazing music they have given you throughout the years,” continued his Twitter thread.

Furthermore, the actor went on to address the critiques made by Pakistan’s Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari saying: “I am also pleansantly surpired that the minister of human rights noticed out attempt, although she did not have very nice things to say, I’m still happy she noticed. Just a peice of advice: better choice of words next time Ms. Minister [sic]”.

“Ms. Minister you represent a party that wants to bring change, supports youth and new ideas in Pakistan. The reach and duty of Human Rights promotes a caring approach to life. Dont “massacre” its meaning. You represent human rights in our country. Think about what that means.”

He continued highlighting how he thinks it is significant for criticism to be put forward in a more ‘kinder’ way saying: “Really all I’m trying to say is that we should learn to be kind. Even in our criticism. Trust me it goes a long way. Our song was a cover, and a cover is meant to deviate from the original. Its not supposed to sound or feel the same. And at the end of the day…it’s a song.”

“So lets remember something. If we can come together to hate something, we can do the same to love. Take that however you’d like. Lastly to everyone that appreciated the song, I am honored and now will work twice as hard to gain the confidence of my critics. Love you as a nation,” he concluded.

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