All but six driveable cars have been removed from the Irving parking garage that collapsed twice earlier this week, and shoring work on the garage has been completed, officials said Sunday.

The remaining cars, along with debris, will have to be removed with a crane, according to the Irving Fire Department. Crane work is expected to begin later

All shoring work to stabilize the garage was completed over the weekend, the Fire Department tweeted, Crews had removed 30 cars from the garage on Friday and about 30 more over the weekend.

About 30 had been damaged or destroyed in the two collapses at the garage on Tuesday, when a 40-by-40 foot section of the top level fell through and a smaller section collapsed several hours later. It was unclear how many of the damaged cars – if any at all – had been removed.

No one was injured in either collapse. Officials are still investigating the cause of the collapse.

source: AP