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Ambanis kick off wedding festivities in Udaipur

The wedding bells in India don’t seem to be coming to a standstill anytime soon as its now the famed Ambani family’s turn to kick start their wedding festivities.

Isha Ambani, daughter of business magnifico Mukesh Ambani will be tying the knot this month with Anand, the son of another top shot business executive –Ajay Piramal.

Reports revealed that the famed Indian family began their wedding festivities on Wednesday in Udaipur with pictures circulating of the bride’s parents posing with eminent Indian designer Manish Malhotra.

After the image started making rounds on social media, followers were left wondering whether Malhotra will be creating the ensembles for the families during the events.

Hearsay has also suggested that the upcoming events will feature performances by global sensations like Beyonce as well, while Isha’s best friend Priyanka Chopra is also expected to attend.

According to reports, the duo will exchange garlands at their residence in Antilia in Mumbai on December 12.

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