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Amir Makhani hosted fundraiser for Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson at his house

Amir Makhani hosted fundraiser for Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson at his house

US Congress, Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson & Amir Makhani 

By: Raja Zahid AbKhanzada

Dallas: US Congress, Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson has said that killing of Saudi journalist was done outside US, so Congress depends on the justice system of that country. She was addressing a reception gathering at Muslim Democratic Caucus leader Amir Makhani’s residence. She made her remarks in response to Jago Times Editor in chief Zahid Khanzada’s question. She said what Congress can do when even our President is not acknowledging this incidence.

Shakeel Makhani well coming congresswoman

She said that we have freedom of speech in US and anyone can use this constitutional right as we hold this right very dear to us and protect it. She said that the journalist was killed because he wrote stories about things that he was witnessing and issues he had in his knowledge. She said journalist can write stories without any fear of retaliation in US. She said that this murder will not stay as a secret, it is unfortunate that our President is not stating the fact. She said that she expresses sorrow on the killing of this journalist and hope to see justice in this case.

Nazleen Makhani welcoming the congresswoman and guest


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She said that we have a President who does not value the freedom of expression and does not believe in American value system. She said that this happens because of people not voting in elections. She said therefore it is important that we all together and use power of vote and elect Democratic candidates in this coming election. She said that the problems we are seeing in our society is because Democrats are in minority in Senate and in Congress. She said that we still have same districts which Tea Party Republicans had produced after 2010 Census. She said that using vote power we can change the structure around and empower right people by electing them in this November elections

The host Amir Makhani, Nazleen Makhani and son Shakeel Makhani welcomed Congresswoman in their house. Several DFW activists participated in fundraising including Muslim Democratic Caucus leaders Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Emad Salem, Melissa Walker, Amir Rahman, Raja Zahid Khanzada, Nadeem Akhtar and Akbar Birani were also among participants

Dallas: US Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson addressing the participant of a fund-raising dinner at Democratic Party leader Amir Makhani’s residence. The event participants include host Amir Makhani, Nazleen Makhani, Shakil Makhani, making presentations. Event was also participated by Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Emad Salem, Raja Zahid Khanzada ,Barkat Basaria, Nadeem Akhtar, and others

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