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As an actor, your skills come first: Ahsan Khan

KARACHI: Pakistan’s television heartthrob Ahsan Khan remarked on Thursday that the acting chops of any actor are most important for his career.

Commenting on the new trend of Instagram and red carpet celebrities, Ahsan shared that it does not matter how many pictures people upload on social media. “For me, as an actor, your skills come first. It all bottles down to how talented you are.”

Social media is a part and package of being a celebrity, however that shouldn’t be your only priority, he said while speaking on Geo News programme, Geo Pakistan, Thursday morning.

However, Ahsan believes that social media can be used to help other people. Last year, Ahsan had uploaded a homeless man’s plea on Facebook asking people to help find him employment.

The post was well-received by the people in Pakistan and everyone chipped in to try to help the elderly man. Speaking about this, Ahsan said: “I don’t plan things or try anything, I randomly do them.”

The Udaari actor also remarked that social media does help bring cases to the forefront but it is not enough. “We have to try to help people,” he added.

‘Films not as big as TV in Pakistan’
Ahsan, who is making his silver screen comeback with Chupan Chupai, also remarked that he feels great to have done good work on the television screen.

Ahsan Khan-starrer Chupan Chupai promises to be a laugh riot

“Films are not as big as television in Pakistan; however this trend is changing now. A lot of actors are going towards silver screens,” he added.

He shared that he didn’t make a comeback earlier as he didn’t like the scripts he was offered. “I finished the script of Chupan Chupai within hours. It was crisp, precise and comic. Udaari was a very dark experience for me so I was looking forward to doing something light,” he said, adding that Chupan Chupai was exactly what he was looking for.

‘Junaid bhai was a true hero’
On the first death anniversary of Pakistan’s singing icon Junaid Jamshed, Ahsan remarked that “Junaid Jamshed was the biggest inspirations for us Pakistanis.”

He added that Junaid’s name comes in the list of all great Pakistanis. “Junaid bhai was a true hero.”

Ahsan also shared that he last met Junaid Jamshed at the opening of an orphanage. “He [Junaid] was sitting there and he was so kind to everyone. He met everyone the same way.”

The path that Junaid Jamshed chose evolved him as a human, Ahsan said, adding “he is an icon for us all.”

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