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Big Plans for Rehan Siddiqi & Hum Fm Radio in 2018, I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved. Rehan Siddiqi

By: Raja Zahid Khanzada
Houston: 2017 was a busy and successful year for Rehan Siddiqi & Houston’s Official Desi Radio station,106.1 Hum Fm , with back to back concerts, starting the Year off with Mika Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Arijit Sigh, Atif Aslam, Nitin Mukesh, Shreya Ghosal , Rekha Bhardwaj, Satinder Sartaaj & Mehwish Hayat. Collectively Rehan Siddiqi brought entertainment via Bollywood concerts in to lives of 50,000 people across U.S.A.
JAGO TIMES, recently spoke to Mr Rehan Siddiqi, about his plans for 2018, his expectations, & the show Biz world.
What can Houston Expect from You & Hum Fm Radio in 2018?
Rehan Siddiqi >Publicly the first three quarters of 2017 was extremely busy, as we hosted some great concerts & maintained our number one position in the Desi radio industry. Consciously I decided that the last month of 2017 (December) is where we would start the process of planning for a spectacular 2018, initially securing dates & venues for some wonderful, big productions, star studded concerts & events. At this point however, I won’t be able to reveal all our plans but I can share what we have already announced, such as Rishi Kapoor and his light comedy play “Khullam Khulla” which has been scheduled in the early part of the year, alongside the dynamic duo of Atif Aslam & Neha Kakkar, I can confidently say we have a lot more surprises in store for 2018 & I can feel it becoming one of the best years to date.
I have also spent the last few weeks, regrouping, refocusing & mobilizing my team. Collectively we have set higher bench marks & business goals for 2018. My team & I have been working strenuously, on new initiatives & concepts for Hum Fm Radio & I am very pleased to announce that very soon we will be rolling out a new schedule, new personalities will be joining our team along with a new feel & new sound to the station, but as you know to execute this successfully, we want all the components to be fully working & ready, which my team and myself are currently establishing. Too an extent as we are the innovators of Desi Radio in Texas, we also know that we have an obligation to our audience as they expect more from us, than anyone else. I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved in the last few years but as a business man & being a part of the business world, I also know that business growth & expansion is inevitable, in business there are no limit’s & I am working on creating new opportunities & platform’s for the Hum Fm brand. It is definitely exciting times for everyone & genuinely I admire this time of the year, as it represents new beginnings, optimism & opportunity.
I am excited about 2018 and all the varied projects we have lined up for the upcoming months but I would like to take this time to thank the Houston community for the continuous support & I hope that this year truly brings happiness to everyone.
Jago Times appreciates the time taken out by Rehan Siddiqi for this interview.

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