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Iodine Deficiency In Pakistan Rumours, Truth & Reality About Iodized Salt.

December 11, 2018

Iodine Deficiency In Pakistan Rumours, Truth & Reality About Iodized Salt.  Dr,Faisal Khan M.B.B.S, SMLE, MPH, MCPS, MRCPCH-UK (Scholar) Al-Dar Hospital Madina Munawara, Saudi Arabia. Iodine deficiency is still a considerable health issue in Pakistan even after decades of efforts to address the problem. Iodine is a most essential trace mineral, which required for the production of thyroid hormone. Iodine deficiency …

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Pakistani senator Krishna Kumari named in BBC’s 100 Women 2018 list

November 19, 2018

Human rights activist and senator Krishna Kumari has been named in the annual BBC 100 Women list that honours the achievements of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world every year. 39-year-old Krishna belongs to the Kohli community from the remote village of Dhana Gam in Nagarparkar and was elected as senator in March after spending many years working for …

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Shall I feed my daughter or educate her?’: The abysmal state of girls’ education in Pakistan

November 13, 2018

Pakistan is failing to educate a huge proportion of the country’s girls, who have little or no access to education, notes a recent report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW). The report called ‘Shall I Feed My Daughter, or Educate Her?’, catalogs barriers to girl’s education based on over 200 interviews – most of them with girls who never attended school …

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O’Rourke leading Cruz by 2 points in new Reuters poll

November 6, 2018

O’Rourke leading Cruz by 2 points in new Reuters poll A new Reuters-Ipsos online poll of Likely Voters shows O’Rourke with a 2-point lead over Cruz. A new Quinnipiac poll of Likely Voters in Texas shows Cruz with a 9-point lead. The Democratic congressman aiming to unseat Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in Texas has pulled even in the race, …

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Punjab authorities are responding to help manage the smog, but is it enough?

November 1, 2018

Haji Mohammad Islam sleeps well these days. His brick kiln in Raiwind (27 kilometres from the city centre), is among a handful of kilns that will continue happily baking away thousands of bricks this month and even the next. In contrast the hum of an estimated 11,000 big and small kilns scattered through various parts of the province will be …

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A red tide

October 15, 2018

AT the risk of outing myself as a Zionist agent, I have to confess that one of my favourite words is ‘chutzpah’. It’s a Yiddish word — a language that was used by Jewish communities in central Europe. As with most such words, something is always lost in translation, but it roughly translates as “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible ‘guts’, …

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Pakistan’s chilli production scorched by water shortages, theft

October 12, 2018

The blue bangles make a happy sound as 22-year old Kalnawati pulls down the dupatta on her head to hide her face. Sitting under a tree, she agrees to talk, after her husband Ramesh nods in assent. Once he agrees, so does Indira’s husband, Rajesh. The green fields dotted with ready-to-pick dundicut red chillies (locally called longi) and the blue …

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Ayesha Omar and Hina Dilpazeer meet with young cancer survivors

October 8, 2018

“I was nine when I was diagnosed with cancer but I have been cancer-free for eight years now thanks to the Child Aid Association, great doctors, staff and of course my parents who had to be strong for me,” said an 18-year-old female cancer survivor. The Child Aid Association, a voluntary organisation working at the National Institute of Child Health …

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Indian actor Rajat Kapoor accused of sexual harassment by three women

October 8, 2018

India weeds out another Bollywood actor Rajat Kapoor for sexual harassment. This time, three women have spoken up against his misconduct towards them. Last weekend, Sandhya Menon, an Indian journalist, took to Twitter to expose all the men in the industry who sexually harassed her and also encouraged other women to come forward with similar stories and name and shame …

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PM Imran Khan opts for fewer staff, his ministers enjoy bloated offices

October 2, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has drastically cut the staff associated with his office to become an example for others to promote austerity and save taxpayers’ money but several of his cabinet ministers are having bloated staff beyond the sanctioned strength determined by law. The relevant law- FEDERAL MINISTERS AND MINISTERS OF STATE (SALARIES, ALLOWANCES AND PRIVILEGES) ACT, 1975 (as …

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