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Videos of kids eating veggies may entice preschoolers to eat more themselves

Watching videos of kids eating vegetables may encourage small children to follow suit, a new study suggests. Preschoolers who watched a short video of kids eating bell peppers later ate more of the vegetables themselves, the researchers reported in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. They also presented their findings this month at the annual meeting of the Society …

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Number of adults with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980: WHO

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: The number of adults estimated to be living with diabetes has nearly quadrupled over 35 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday, urging huge efforts to change eating habits and increase physical activity. “Globally, an estimated 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980,” the UN health agency said in …

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Scientists find new Zika-linked brain disorder in adults

CHICAGO: Scientists in Brazil have uncovered a new brain disorder associated with Zika infections in adults: an autoimmune syndrome called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, or ADEM, that attacks the brain and spinal cord. Zika has already been linked with the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome, which attacks peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord, causing temporary paralysis that can in some …

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Marriage is good for cancer patients: study

WASHINGTON: Married people with cancer have better survival odds than their single peers – and not for money reasons, a U.S. study suggests. Unmarried men were 27 percent more likely to die of their tumors, and single women were 19 percent more likely, the study found. Married people generally had better health insurance and lived in better neighborhoods, but single …

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Vegetable fat not the route to a healthy heart: study

PARIS: Replacing animal fat in the human diet with vegetable oil seems not to lower heart disease risk, and might even boost it, according to a study published Wednesday that challenges a cornerstone of dietary advice. Switching from saturated to unsaturated Omega-6 fats did result in lower blood cholesterol in a trial with nearly 10,000 participants, it said, but not …

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British cancer operation streamed in virtual reality ‘world first’

LONDON: A British surgeon live-streamed a cancer operation using virtual reality technology in what he said was a world first that would help in training and allow doctors to advise on operations remotely. Shafi Ahmed from the Royal London Hospital told AFP he had set up two rigs for 360-degree filming in the operating theatre, allowing anyone with a smart …

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