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CJP takes notice of alleged encroachment of land belonging to Sindh’s Hindu community

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar took a suo motu notice of “alleged illegal encroachments” on properties owned by the Hindu community in Sindh,

A notification issued by the Supreme Court (SC) Registrar’s office today stated that the CJP had taken notice of the issue on a video released by Bhagwan Devi, a retired professor, in which she claimed that the Hindu community in Sindh was the victim of “the worst lawlessness and mismanagement”.

In the video, that came to light last week, she said that the land mafia was taking over properties owned by Hindus in Sindh, especially Larkana, on the basis of “false power of attorney”. Devi added that affected members of the community were also being threatened into silence.

“Many Hindus of Larkana have sold their properties and are ready to leave [the country],” she regretted, adding that many have already left.

She also claimed that a “situation similar to that of Native Americans was being created for the local Hindus”. She accused Sindhi nationalists and the authorities for remaining silent.

Devi said that she had been protesting before the Larkana Press Club for the past 15 days with husband Bhagwan Das, a paediatrician and a professor. She appealed to the “CJP and 205 countries” to take notice of the Hindu community’s plight.

The notification from the registrar’s office said that the CJP will hear the case on October 18. Notices have been issued to the attorney general for Pakistan, advocate general of Sindh, secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, secretary of human rights, Sindh chief secretary, secretary of Minority Affairs Department, Sindh government and the Larakna district commissioner.

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