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CJP urges ‘those who matter’ to end disparity between haves and haves-not

HYDERABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad has urged “all those, who matter in the country, to ensure people are delivered what they are entitled to under law and disparity between haves and haves-not be immediately addressed”.

The apex court judge said in his address at an annual dinner given in his honour by Hyderabad District Bar Association (HDBA) on Saturday night that it was only unwillingness of functionaries which had become a stumbling block to achievement of goals, provided in Constitution.

The HDBA has become Pakistan’s first bar to invite Justice Ahmad after his elevation as CJP and the judge thanked the bar for the invitation before delivering his written speech.

Justice Gulzar said that after Quran and Sunnah, the most sacred book for people was that of Constitution, which people had given themselves through their chosen parliament. “It is not just function of courts or lawyers to ensure the sacred document is protected but it is duty of people to see constitution, by all means, protected and all things done according to its mandate, he said.

He said that Constitution had a mechanism whereby life of each individual could be elevated from abject despondence to cherished happiness, well-being and prosperity.

He said that laws framed under Constitution ensured equal rights and opportunities to all for education, health, prosperity and well-being. “It is with great concern, we note, people are not getting real benefits of such laws in education and health sectors and opportunities of dignified living are not being provided to people which is not only grave injustice but affecting very fabric of society,” he said.

He said: “A serious note in this regard has to be taken by the administration to ensure all basic and fundamental rights and opportunities are given due effect and application and cherished goals, provided in Constitution are achieved”.

He said: “Quaid-i-Azam Moh­ammad Ali Jinnah has laid down many of principles of governance in his speeches but as is prevailing situation all such good things have been forgotten and have been put on shelves. In my estimation, it is rather to be taken out from shelves and at every level to be taught and inculcated in people”.

He said that Pakistan had a great potential not only in manpower but also in natural resources. The two together could help make the country prosperous in region but as was always the case, “administration does not either have a capacity or will to harness both nor cares to evolve plans for achieving this.

“It is a fundamental right of every citizen to be dealt in accordance with law which provides equal share in resources to each according to his ability and his work,” he said.

He said: “Let me assure courts shall always ensure dispensation of justice in accordance with law and give to people their legal rights. The bench and bar have been assigned this onerous duty and both with their mutual efforts will ensure deliverance to people.

“Such holy alliance of the bench and the bar can make it possible to see people have become happiest and prosperous and provided civic and civil infrastructure by government where they can build upon their lives and of their families. This holy alliance will never be compromised,” he remarked.

He reminisced the days when he had worked in district courts of Hyderabad and remained part of Hyderabad circuit bench of the Sindh High Court. “I really fell in love with the city. I will go about and visit the city not in a car but by walking and appreciating people and architecture that has a great history,” he said.

Earlier, HDBA president Imdad Unnar said that after 2013 no civil lawyer had been inducted in judiciary from Hyderabad and lawyers sincerely hoped they would be considered for the elevation.

He urged CJP to provide books to district library, order acceleration of work on a bridge between civil and sessions courts, recommend a permanent bench of SHC for Hyderabad and increase number of judges.

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