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Dallas Desi restraunts being blackmailed by Social Media gang.

  1. Dallas Desi restraunts being blackmailed by gang.

“Buzz-promoter” racket target oriental restaurants. 

The Jago Times reveals factual based reports. Asian business-owners put in serious charges in video interviews.

By Raja Zahid Akhter Khanzada:

DALLAS — Social media groups are known as an important medium and platform for disseminations and exchange of information but more recently there have been several complaints of misuse, blackmailing and distribution of fake news by a mafia-style group in Dallas.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, owners of restaurants have told Jago Times that a so-called social media group named as “BUZZ” had been engaged in unwanted social activities has taken a shape of local gang in the name of promoting local business of ‘desi’ (oriental) restaurants.

The so-called Buzz Groups is engaged in monthly extortions of money from restaurant owners, demanding free food and other facilities through blackmail and threatening negative propaganda against such business houses.

The initial of name of the head of this groups begins with “H” (in Urdu language}. The victims of this groups term it as “Haraam Khoor” (illegal extortionists), fake and blackmailing gang which begs for food and money. 

The owners of restaurants have complained that some people from this gang call it as ‘non-profitable organization” or like NGO which they initially claimed when they launched their group.

According to local business the “H” Group has started working like the notorious Tango Blast, which last year supplanted the Texas Mexican Mafia as the top statewide threat, maintains a heavy presence in Dallas-Fort Worth and its local cells are known as D-Town in Dallas and in Fort Worth. 

The “H” gang extracts about $200 per month from targeted restaurants in the name of promoting their business while charging between $500-700 in the name of holding special events.

This notorious gang easily hijacks an event arranged with the financial support by business owners and secure free foods for its members and gives impressions to others the events are arranged by the gang itself.

The very same gang member also wears an Indian cricket-team style shirt and asks its members to attend any event with a uniform-style shirt which also gives an impression to others that perhaps the ongoing events have been arranged by the Gang and not by the owners of businessmen.

Several restaurant owners have complained that if they do not pay extortion money, the gang runs a media trail about particularly restaurants to defame it but if money is paid the “H” gang runs a positive projection campaign in favor of those restaurant which have paid them the extortion money. 

Few months ago, the same group tried to victimize the restaurant of a known Pakistani leader, Nadeem Akhtar and ran a social media campaign which resulted in the loss of its almost 40% sales. 

The group exploited the provoked the feelings of Muslims and ran a concocted and factious campaign claiming that meat sold at Nadeem Akhtar’s restaurants were not HALAL. Many innocent and religious Asians were scare of the propaganda and avoided to 

visit the Pakistani restaurant. The negative propaganda had adverse effect on business despite the fact that Nadeem Akhtar had always sold certified HALAAL meet and took extra precautionary moves to ensure that Muslims should get HALAL food at his restaurant. 

As a result of his efforts, Muslim customers have returned back to the restaurant and condemned the fake news propagations by the “H” gang.

Several owners of Muslim restaurants in demanding action against the “H” gang which made dozens of fake face book accounts to blackmail those businessmen who do not pay them extortion money or do not subscribe to their services at high cost. 

Local Muslim businessmen are scared that if activities of “H” gang is not controlled it can promote cybercrime in Dallas as well as damage the reputations of several Asian businessmen. 

The business owners have approached the local media and seek help to uncover and unmask the “H” gang and end its blackmailing, extortions and disinformation campaign.

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