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Dallas Muslim leaders hosted fundraiser for Ilhan Omar

Dallas Muslim leaders hosted fundraiser for Ilhan Omar 

By: Raja Zahid A Khanzada

Dallas: A fundraising luncheon was hosted for Democratic Party nominee for Congress from Minnesota Ilhan Omar in Richardson. Addressing the gathering Ilhan Omar said that she wants to build this country a great nation. She said that we can achieve this when we participate in the political struggle of this country. She said that she has experienced racism first hand where kids in school snatch the hijab, they would glue gum on your hijab. They would make fun of you and pass racial slurs on you. She said that she saw homelessness as soon as they landed in New York for the first time. She said, “That is why I decided to participate in politics to build the country as we dreamed about it”. She said together we can make this country a better place for everyone, therefore when Representative Keith Ellison decided to run for Attorney General, I stepped up to run on his seat, and to carry his work and add to good work. “This is why I participated in party primaries, and people elected me”. She said that in her view, women are already powerful, they can force their right place in this society. She said that it is important that immigrant and indigenous communities to work together to resolve issues. Addressing the participants, she said that your help is an investment in future of our kids and coming generation. She said that important issue is not that we help elect a Muslim to office but more important is that we elect someone who can help in issues of our society and one who help build future for our nation.

She said that she got around fifty percent of votes in primaries. She said that this is the time when we use our power to promote justice through our votes. She said that she has boys and girls and she treat them equally. If you treat women same as men, then there will not be a question of injustice. They all will have equal status in the society

The event which was organized by Muslim Democratic Caucus leader Syed Fayyaz Hassan was also addressed by Ann Bacchus, MDC President Melissa Walker, Nahida Ali, and was emceed by Alia Salem.

The event hosts include , Dr. Anas Athar, Samia Anas, Qazi Chaudhry, Nahida Chaudhry, Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Hadi Jawwad, Aftab Siddiqui, Emad Salem, and Raja Zahid Khanzada


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