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Muslim community leaders meet with US Congressman Vincent Gonzalez

DFW Muslim community leaders meet with US Congressman Vincent Gonzalez

I won’t hesitate to support Palestinian human rights. Gonzalez

By: Amir Makhani

Dallas: US Congressman and member of Foreign Relations and Finance Committee Vincent Gonzalez from Corpus Christie visited Dallas where he met with Muslim community leaders in a round table conference at Arab American Cultural Center in Richardson. He said that President Trump is benefitting himself using Presidential leverage in international deals and the proposed wall at the border is also connected with his money-making scheme for himself.

He was addressing the gathering with Muslim Democratic Caucus and other Muslim leadership of Dallas Fort Worth area. He said that we already have boundaries at the border and this wall is not necessary. He said that this wall is a symbol of racism and hatred and is not seen positive in US, just like walls in Europe are not considered in positive light. He expressed his opposition to this wall for this reason.

Local Muslim Democratic Caucus leaders Aftab Siddiqui, Syed Fayyaz Hassan and Raja Zahid Khanzada presented a petition in favor of Congresswoman Betty McCullum bill 2407. The bill is targeted to bar the abuse and jailing of Palestinian children by Israeli forces using American weapons. The MDC leadership requested Congressman to cosponsor and help passage of this bill to stop human rights abuse of Palestinian children. Congressman Gonzalez appreciated the efforts of MDC in bringing this bill to his attention.

In response to a question by Syed Fayyaz Hassan, he assured his support to human rights issues for Palestinians as he said that human rights are universal obligation for all. He said as he supports human rights of immigrants in this country, he won’t hesitate to support Palestinian human rights

Talking on immigration issue he said that immigrants coming to US benefit US economy immensely as they fill the much-needed workers shortage in US. He said that he is in favor of guest workers program for people who want to help our economy.

Dallas Peace Center Executive Director Hadi Jawwad conducted the meeting where prominent attorney Khalid Hameedeh introduced top issues that Muslim and Arab community is facing. Congressman Gonzalez expressed his deep appreciation to the group and said that he would like to revisit with this group soon and can bring other representatives for exchange of views

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