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Disabled Man Rescued From Fire by Good Samaritan

Four people are now facing charges after two separate road rage incidents in Arlington.

Police Chief Will Johnson tweeted out a photo on Friday night showing a gun and illegal drugs. Chief Johnson said “Great job by our South Retail District Unit for responding to a road rage incident and recovering a gun used in the offense, illicit drugs, and making 3 arrests! A convicted felon was in possession of the firearm.”

Less than 24 hours later, the Arlington Police Department tweeted out a photo showing a BB gun that was used in a road rage incident on Saturday. The tweet read“Looks real? This BB gun was pointed at a motorist this afternoon at Cooper & Park Row after a road rage incident. East District Patrol located the suspect and he was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault by Threat.”

Arlington Police launched an aggressive driving detail last year. Since last July, the unit has made close to 3,000 traffic stops — handing out over 3,500 citations and arresting more than 30 people — for violations from cutting people off without signaling to tailgating and driving on the shoulder.

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