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Dream Event Bridal Knot & Fashion show rocks the runway in Dallas.

Dream Event Bridal Knot & Fashion show rocks the runway in Dallas.

By Raja Zahid A Khanzada

Dallas: The biggest Bridal show “The DFW Bridal Knot” along with an Exclusive Fashion show with Top Pakistani Designer, Erum Khan, was presented by Naheed Raheel in Dallas. A large number of attendees had participated in the glam gathering.

The show won the hearts of the audience. The Bridal show consisted of Various Bridal vendors from the Fashion industry, jewelry vendors, makeup Artists, Photographers, videographers, photo Booths vendors, Hennah Artists, Wedding planners, wedding Decorators, professional DJs, and a lot of other sponsors caterers to keep the Brides and their family entertained throughout the event.

The show was also organized, choreographed, and designed by the Dallas wedding Decorator and Fashion Designer, Naheed Raheel, and the owner of the Dream Events N Weddings and clothing line of the LeChic Designers, who presented beautiful models in the latest Fashion collection couture.

They showcased the beautiful traditional bridal clothing along with a twist of Fusion and Trendy styled clothes with the representation of East and West mixed together. It was made beautifully and had an attractive appearance in the form of new and different colors. Models were wearing knit in their hands, anklet, and unique style of clothes, which showed the best creativity and had reflected the qualities of the designer’s ability and their skills were seen in exhibited dresses. It was something that would catch the eye of any woman. 

The audience enjoyed their versatile styling of clothes with jewelry and latest style and trends in makeup that made the models look incredible, not only Pakistani women models, but also local American models participated in the show. The models captured the attention of all the guests who were watching the show.

The Designer and Wedding Decorator Naheed Raheel is very famous in Dallas and all over the Texas for her exclusive clothing line LeChic Designers and Wedding Decor business Dream Events N Weddings. The show features many models, fashion designers, jewellery and footwear designers, event planners, makeup artists, invitation cards, decor, bridal and apparel, interior designing, photography and much more. Those who are showcased at the event include TAS Couture for unique designs of Fashionable Jackets, Reflection Boutique who presented Stylish heavy Lehengas and Sarees, Eye catching makeup by Angels Beauty Salon by Luisa and Makeup by Vanita. She put in a lot of effort since the morning and made the models look so gorgeous, that the attending guests could not get their eyes off the stage. Professional photographer, Preeya, took great photos from the show. The program involved other entertainment besides the Exclusive Fashion Show.

Most entertaining and professional Dances were Presented by Mauricio Carerra and Patricia and the Traditional and Fusion Bollywood Dance masala with Classical Mix by Famous ARYA Dance Academy. The famous dancers provided entertainment in the atmosphere and captured the hearts of the audience in this event, audience said their whole week’s fatigue passed away in a few hours.

The local residents of North Texas, Dallas enjoyed every moment of the exclusive evening with so much of entertainment and beautiful colors of Culture and Fashion. In a very professional manner they said they will remember it for years.

Naheed Raheel thanked everyone for their participation and their contribution to make the show a big hit. A special shout out was given to Raja Zahid Khanzada and his Media along with The Jago Times News for updating news about residents and capturing such exclusive events happening in Dallas all the time. 

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