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Dallas-based philanthropist Anjum Anwar gets 02 Million award from Pakistan.

Engro initiates change awards 2019-Dallas-based philanthropist Anjum Anwar gets 02 Million award from Pakistan.

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KARACHI: Engro Foundation announced the recipients of I Am The Change (IATC) Impact Awards for 2019, in a ceremony held In Karachi  

various development specialists, multilateral organizations, corporate executives and the senior management of Engro Group, from the private, public, and the development sectors were also in attendance.

Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD), a project funded by Helping Hearts, Caring Souls registered under the 501 (C ) (3) in USA, selected to receive the 2018-19 IATC Impact Award in the Social Development category. The selection committee considered ARPD as the best organization working across the country for underprivileged and Persons with Disabilities. ARPD has been awarded PKR 02 Million to help scale up their initiatives and benefit more people’s.

IATC looks to empower organizations to make a large and sustainable impact in the social sector of Pakistan by aiding institutions that have joined forces in a relentless pursuit of shaping a better tomorrow, as they strive for change through long-term investments in the two areas of Social Development and Social Enterprise.

The recipients of the competition were selected based on the scope of their social work; a level of impact, number of beneficiaries and the ability to replicate the program amongst other key considerations. There was an independent jury of five people from the development sector.

Addressing the audience, Ms. Anjum Anwar, President of ARPD/ Founder of HHCS, said, “After 35 years of very comfortable and secure life of America, I came back to my motherland to serve the needy of Pakistan.  Although I was living in USA, I had this dream one I will go back to my country to serve the people, that I left behind. The people who do not have the opportunities and resources that we have in USA.  Allah has fulfilled my wish, and today I am here in front of you all, keep supporting our organization.  Right now, we have 23 active network partners working throughout Pakistan, and we would like to expand”

Speaking at the occasion, Ghias Khan – President & CEO, Engro Corporation said, “We strongly believe in the importance of community investments and promise to continue supporting organizations tackling complex societal challenges on the ground. Our business strategy of expanding into areas essential to Pakistan’s economic and social development further reflects our commitment towards creating a sustainable future for the country.”

Moreover; speaking to the audience, Mr. Fawad Soomro, Head of Engro Foundation, said, “We strongly believe in investing in social development by inspiring change and supporting organizations, who are solving social problems in Pakistan. Our business strategies, too, are aligned with our vision of creating a sustainable future for the country by contributing to the initiatives driven through Engro Foundation such as inclusive business, livelihood enhancement, education, water advocacy and women empowerment.

Our focus through this campaign is essential to help and empower these change-makers so that they may expand the magnitude of their benefits to the masses.”

The recipients of the Impact Award were selected based on the scope of their work, level of impact, number of beneficiaries, and the ability to replicate the program in other geographies among other key considerations


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