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Houston leaders call for peace after 137 arrested during George Floyd protest on Friday

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Houston faith leaders are calling for justice and peace as protestors in Houston gear up for another day of marching for the death of George Floyd.

On Friday evening, what started off as a peaceful protest in downtown, ended with multiple officers injured and over 100 people arrested.

WATCH: Multiple arrested, officers cars vandalized and more during Friday’s protest

Peaceful protests for George Floyd turned disruptive in Houston


On Saturday, HPD Chief Art Acevedo, community faith leaders and state representatives all called for peaceful protests.

“Despite the arrest of MPD officer Derek Chauvin, the nation is still reeling over the death of George Floyd, and now, the insult of merely charging Chauvin with 3rd degree homicide when Mr. Floyd was essentially tortured and murdered in the street,” local pastor and social activist, Bishop James Dixon II, said.

The community leaders discussed the ongoing issues and provide direction on how to successfully call for justice through a peaceful protest.

Black Lives Matter Houston held a peaceful protest at Emancipation Park on Friday. Hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to George Floyd while some others demonstrated the moment Floyd was handcuffed to the ground with an officer kneeling on his neck.

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Powerful moment during protest for in his 3rd Ward neighborhood. Activist gets on the ground in the very position Floyd lost his life as officer kneeled on his neck. https://abc13.com/nationwide-protests-erupt-following-george-floyds-death/6220339/ 

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