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How to stop Domestic Violence?









By: Raja Zahid Khanzada
Domestic violence occurs when opinions are different from each other, but it does not necessarily mean that it will always exist when we have different opinions. But how will you solve the differences? Let’s consider some of these steps you can take to overcome to stop domestic violence .
1) Do not reply back to the bad things that they say or it will continue the argument.
If a person starts listening to others instead of refuting to them them, the discussion may end. So when you are angered do not refute to what they say. By withholding yourself from replying to the other person, you will maintain your self-respect and prestige.
Just remember, more important than winning in the fight is keeping peace in the house.

2) Understand the feelings of each others.
Listen to others without cutting them off, or giving your opinion before the other person speaks.

3) Give yourself a little time
If you feel it is difficult to control your anger, leave the area for a while to cool off, perhaps you can go to another room or go out for a walk out. It does not mean that you are refusing to solve the problem or you do not want to talk to others. Maybe during this time you can pray to God so that you work patiently and wisely.

4) Understand the thought and talk softly.
Ask some questions through which you can better understand the matter, and then think about what he/she tells you.

5) Avoid yelling.
If a family member does not work patiently, it’s very possible you can get angry with them. Even if you are hurt, do not criticize, scream, abuse, or make any such allegations. Such as “you do not care about me,” or “you never listen to me.” Instead, tell him/her how it will works or what you have to do. You can tell them that you are very hurt and what they can do to help you.

6) Do not delay and ask for forgiveness.
Do not forget because of the anger that your goal is to be reconciled. Remember that if you have any fight, you lose both of them, but if you both agree, you both win. Therefore, acknowledge that you have also made a mistake. If you feel that you do not have a mistake, then apologize for being angry. Remember that more important than your ego is that there is a good relationship between you. Do not delay asking for forgiveness
Also if you have children avoid the argument and talk to each other separately because it may affect your children as well.

Some other key points in our religion for married couples
1) Listen from heart
2) Work with patience
3) Control the anger
Also be prepared to apologize and resolve the matter as soon as possible.
Take care of each other’s happiness
Try to make the home environment peaceful

I think those are the keys points to stop domestic violence. If someone follows those steps they can make their home a peaceful environment

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