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International Conference on “Kashmir” held in Dallas

By:Amir Makhani
Dallas: Azad Kashmir Prime Minister said that he is looking up to Western countries as he is disappointed from Muslim countries and The Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC, He was addressing an international conference hosted by Friends of Kashmir in Dallas. The event was participated by member of Texas House of Representatives and many in Kashmiri and Pakistani community. Expressing his optimism, he said that Pakistan will never leave Kashmiris alone in their struggle. He said that if God forbid Kashmir flags go down then the next immediate target will be Pakistan. He said that Modi is Hitler’s reincarnation, who is out to expand India to whole region. He said that even countries in Middle East feel threatened from Modi. He said that Pakistan is the biggest obstacle in their expansion design. He said that India has claim on UAE and other parts of the region as well, for which they want to weaken Pakistan first.PM Farooq Haider said that Kashmiris and Pakistanis living in US can play a vital role in their struggle. Educating US Congress and senate members on this issue and convincing them for their support can bring the desired change. He said that America’s foundation is on democracy and freedom and this is why I am hopeful that they will support the cause of freedom and self-determination, so it will be easy for them to be convinced specially on the moral ground and on issues of human rights. He said that the issue of Kashmir is quite volatile and sensitive. This issue has a potential of armed conflict and war between two nuclear armed countries. He said that we would have to fight this battle in American and Western chambers of democracies, as we are on the side of justice. He said that he was disappointed from the reactions shown by Muslim countries as they have not helped Kashmir at the time, we need it most,Addressing the conference, Texas state representative Ms. Terry Meza said that America is democratic country, we value democratic and human rights and right to chose as fundamental to our American value system. She said that she stands with American Kashmiris in their demand for justice and human rights in Kashmir. Republican activist Sajid Tarar addressing the conference said that Modi is worlds danger man and is a threat to peace in South Asia. He said that he is hopeful that President Trump will help Kashmiris in their rights of self-determination. Friends of Kashmir President Ghazala Habib and PSNT president Abid Malik also spoke at the conference

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