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Join our ‘News’ journalists for a talk on covering Dallas’ true crime stories, Amber Guyger

From kidnappings to child deaths, true crime is a topic that shocks audiences time and time again. Some cases detail horrific and unthinkable crimes. Others are unimaginable. But what we listen to and read about is only one side of the conversation.

On Nov. 12, join The Dallas Morning News for a “Duets” conversation with Jennifer Emily, enterprise reporter, and Marcia Allert, director of visual journalism. The pair will discuss their experience covering true crime stories in Dallas and the world of true crime podcasts. They’ll be talking with Christopher Wynn, Arts and Entertainment editor at The News.

Dallas has not been short on crime in the last 12 months. Most notable is the Amber Guyger case, in which Emily, Allert and Wynn all contributed to The News’ coverage. Guyger is a fired Dallas police officer who fatally shot Botham Jean in his apartment in September, 2018. She was convicted of murder in October and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Not only was Emily in the courtroom during the trial, but she covered the trial’s jury selection, how the defense and prosecution would make their cases, and covered Botham Jean’s funeral in St. Lucia. Along with Allert and Wynn, the trio came together to produce a daily podcast during the duration of the trial called “The Death of Botham Jean: Amber Guyger on Trial.”

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