“You’re steady in pushing court dates, you’re steady in lowering bonds,” Mendoza said. “Hell, if that’s the case, just let him out and let the streets deal with it.”

Vence, 27, now has a total bond amount of $90,000 on both the injury to a child and tampering charges.

The latter charge led to Vence’s May 11 arrest that followed Maleah’s disappearance a week earlier. He reported her missing from a Sugar Land hospital May 4, telling authorities that she was abducted by three men who attacked them and his young son on the side of the road near Bush Intercontinental Airport. Maleah’s disappearance sparked a citywide search that intensified as authorities began to unravel Vence’s version of what happened.

Court documents show investigators found blood believed to be of Maleah’s in the apartment where Vence was caught on surveillance footage on May 3 carrying a heavy laundry basket. The same apartment is where investigators found evidence that someone tried to clean up the blood.

While in custody at the Harris County Jail, Vence allegedly told fellow inmate David Chalfant, and days later, activist Quanell X, that Maleah’s body could be found in a trash bag on the side of the road near Hope, Ark. Authorities found her remains along a highway hours after the bag was hit by a lawn mower.

In a jailhouse interview, Chalfant, who has since been transferred to a state corrections facility in Huntsville, said that Vence also revealed to him how Maleah was hurt. Vence and the girl were playing when she fell and hit her head on a table, the inmate said.

Staff writers Nicole Hensley, Julian Gill and Michelle Iracheta contributed to this report.