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Kareena Kapoor does not want you to obsess over Taimur Ali Khan

Bollywood’s favorite toddler Taimur Ali Khan is known to have made headlines ever since he was born and it looks like people all around him are more concerned about his wellbeing than they should be, calling out his mother Kareena Kapoor Khan for being a ‘bad mother’

Social media users recently ticked off the Veere Di Wedding star for not taking proper care of the two-year-old saying that he has been ‘starving.’

The superstar mother had no choice but to step in, calling people out for meddling their noses in her business saying: “That poor kid is not starving to death. In fact, I think he is eating a little too much.”

She goes on to denounce the paparazzi for jumping to conjectures when it comes to her son saying: “Looking at the media, looking at those lights. Wondering what media is doing. Sometimes they cross the line. Especially when comes to Taimur. What he is eating? where he is going ? Media is constantly following him. Once in a while it is fine, but every day? He is just a two-year-old kid. One should allow that person to live his life.”

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