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Key points of Imran Khan’s speech

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan made his first speech as Pakistan’s prime minister late Sunday, giving a wide-ranging, televised address in which he announced reforms targeting corruption and focusing on human development in the rapidly growing country.
Khan addressed the nation for more than an hour, repeating many of his campaign pledges to build an Islamic welfare state but also touching on issues rarely mentioned by Pakistani prime ministers such as fighting child sex abuse and climate change.
The former cricketer also announced an austerity drive to trim back the trappings of government, such as selling most of the vehicles allotted to the prime minister, cutting down on staff and turning the official residence into a university.

“I will fight the corrupt. Either this country will survive or the corrupt people,” he said.

Khan called for a progressive tax system, vowing to spend the money on the neediest — such as malnourished children, and justice for victims of abuse — and on fighting climate change.

Few in Pakistan pay their taxes currently, and he did not explain how he would enforce more taxation, especially on the rich.

Key points:

Imran vows to cut down spending, launch sweeping reforms
Relations with neighbours to be improved
Either we will save country or corrupt will save themselves
South Punjab province to be created
New LG system to be introduced
Development of Fata, Balochistan and Karachi will get priority
Reforms to be introduced in police, govt schools, hospitals
Nasir Khan Durrani to implement KP police model in Punjab
Imran cites personal example, saying nothing is impossible
Will do no business while in power
Dr Ishrat to lead task force for cutting expenditures
PM House to be turned into university
No governor will stay in the governor house
West has adopted Islamic principles
Responsibilities of the rulers entail that they are Sadiq and Ameen
Will meet chief justice for wrapping up cases within a year
Health cards to be introduced in whole country
Basha Dam to be constructed at all costs
Govt will take strict action on child abuse cases
PM House spread over 1,100 kanals, having 80 vehicles, 500 employees
PM House bullet-proof cars to be auctioned
Imran to live in military secretary’s house
To keep two employees and two vehicles
Madrassa students should also become doctors, engineers and generals
Cricket grounds occupied by housing schemes
FBR to be fixed on priority basis
Overseas Pakistanis to be facilitated

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