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Kim Kardashian may get arrested if Taylor Swift presses charges over Kanye West feud

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have been hogging the spotlight since the past few days, following their timeworn vendetta rekindling this week.

And while the Bad Blood singer has mainly held herself back from openly addressing the escalation and the leaked unedited footage, reality TV star Kim Kardashian on Tuesday rebuked the singer for ‘lying.’

The Snapchat videos posted in 2016 by Kim could land her in legal trouble as the phone call was getting recorded without Taylor being made aware of it.

This breach of confidentiality, could bring the model in serious distress as California has stringent privacy laws, as per the Stimmel Law Office.

Another law that Keeping Up with the Kardashians  star could have broken would be defamation as Shouse California Law Group claims court has to ascertain four points before establishing something as slander or libel.

This includes, passing a lie as factual information against the person being defamed, publishing it to a “third party”, behaving “negligently, recklessly or intentionally” and “damaging the victim’s reputation.”

Does this mean Kim could face jail time for crossing off all four pointers? It could be in the offing, given if Taylor presses charges against the fashion icon – which she can now as the complete video has come to the forefront.

However, Kim going behind bars could still be a longshot owing to her connections as well as wealth. Therefore, even if Taylor does file a suit, the most that is likely to happen is that Kim could get fined.

For the unversed, the freshly-leaked video shows an unedited phone call between the two nemeses as it shows Swift expressing her uneasiness about the lyric that was previously featured in a Kanye West song Famous.

The lyric was as follows: “For all my Southside [expletive] as that know me best. I feel like me and Taylor might still have [expletive] Why? I made that [expletive] famous ([expletive]) I made that [expletive] famous.”

After Swift expressed her hurt over the sly dig publicly during her Grammy’s speech, West later claimed that he had gotten the singer’s permission before throwing in the negative reference.

In the leaked video Taylor can be heard asking: “Is it going to be mean?” while Kanye assures her that it won’t be.

She then proceeds to ask him to let her hear the song if he seeks her blessing. However, the lyrics he shared with the Lover crooner were not the same ones that ended up in the song.

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