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Kylie Jenner doesn’t have time to cry over her split with Travis Scott

After her split, Kylie Jenner has spent her time keeping herself busy after her split with Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, who share parental responsibilities towards their 1-year-old daughter Stormi Webster, have reported to have taken a break from their relationship of two years.

The couple had been dating for two years now and have a 1-year-old daughter Stormi. Sources state that she finds no time to wallow over her relationship and probably won’t find that time anytime soon.

Since the split was a mutual decision between the couple, they have decided to take time and figure things out while making sure to keep Stormi at the center of it all.

Kylie confirmed the news in a tweet which read, “Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi!! Our friendship and our daughter is priority”.

Speaking in regards to Kylie Jenner’s current state of mind, a source speculated, “She has good days and bad days. There has been a lot of transition and change, but overall she’s doing well. Not a lot has changed since Travis has been gone.”

The source further added, “He was never around all the time so things aren’t that different. Kylie has her sisters and her girlfriends. She’s always texting or on FaceTime with them all day long. She is always surrounded by people. She has family, assistants, a nanny. She’s too busy to get too down about any one thing.”

One of the biggest reasons behind their split was that they both had a difference of opinion. While Kylie deeply wished for a sibling for Stormi, Travis was not too keen on the idea and refused.

The split has not affected Stormi in a negative way because both parents are spending ample amounts of time together as a family

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